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Truly Professional Door Security

Blink secure is a trusted name in providing Door Security Services.

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We have over a decade of experience in the front-line sector.

We’ve been in the industry, long enough to engage with our client’s needs efficiently. Our professional due diligence and client care guideline ensures that clients receive the best service possible.

We provide a niche service to each client because we care about their SIA Door Supervisors requirements. All our staff and licensed and registered by the Security Industry Authority (The SIA).

We provide, door security service at a short notice to meet your expected and unexpected needs.

We are a reputable SIA Door supervisor company used every week by customers, who are loyal to us. We have a roster full of ad hoc and on-demand workload which require us to arrange full-time SIA event security professionals.

From booking your door security to managing your doors on the day, we excel in providing the right security staffing procedure and at a highest possible professional level. We can provide service with as short as 4 hours notice on the day, for venues in London.

Needing professional doormen? Here're what we can help with.

– Managing entry and performing body and bag searches
– Recording entry and assisting speed of access where needed
– Stopping unwanted patrons so they can’t enter the venue
– Creating a safe environment so attendees can enjoy themselves
– Liaising with DPS, clients, promoters and venue management at all times
– Licensed, Registered, and Ready to Serve

More importantly, we put the right team together based on your specific needs to ensure we satisfy your niche service offering from end to end.

All SIA security, to work, must be registered, SIA badged and vetted for their license to be validated by the Security industry authority.