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Truly Professional Event Security

Blink secure is a trusted name in providing professional Event Security Services in London.

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Our years of experience and organised workflow will ensure, your event security is second to none.

Our watchful operatives, stewarding staff, traffic control, and guest list “Meet and Greet” services contribute to ensuring your event runs smoothly and securely.

We cover the whole security process, from planning, to vehicle co-ordination, to safe crowd control during and after the event, to the sensitive requirements of close protection, and we always do so with a communicative and innovative hands-on approach.

We provide, additional value added services, that are ancillary to your events.

As well as supplying you with a full security and logistical consultation and plan, we can also provide high and low impact crowd barriers and the securing of mobile devices and recording equipment as part of our high-quality service.

We understand and always uphold confidentiality , especially for celebrity detail, and you can be confident that your security will be well regulated, professional and polite.

Needing Enforcement support? Here're what we can help with.

Unit Base Trespasser/Traveller removal.

–  Free initial consultation for traveller removal, including: site visit; report on eviction requirements.

–  Eviction plan: risk assessment; and health and safety planning for your staff, our enforcement agents, the travellers themselves, and any potential members of the public.

–  In-house rapid response enforcement support, able to respond speedily.

–  Arrange for order to be transferred up to the High Court if eviction is under a Writ Of Possession.

–  Removal of persons from land under Common Law (Halsburys) if the circumstances are suitable.

–  Clean up of location, including: debris, vehicles and animals.

–  Security to prevent re-entry and enforcement support:


Our Enforcement Support can supply

–  K9 Units

–  Security Officers

–  Clean up teams

–  Barriers

–  Locksmiths