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Truly Professional Film Security

Blink secure is a trusted name in providing professional Film Security Services.

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We have over a decade of experience in providing film security

Blink Secure specialises in film and television security, location support, and traffic management for the British entertainment industry.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industry from decades of experience working in it. We provide the highest level of skill and training with our operatives.

Our Film Security services suits micro to large productions

We have secured numerous productions, ranging from multi-million-pound blockbusters, to micro-budget start up projects.

With operatives situated throughout the UK, we can mobilise staff at short notice to any area, for any size production.

Our professional, friendly and customer service focused approach ensures both a happy client as well as a happy workforce.

We are experts in all areas of the entertainment industry, and alongside film, television and media security, we also provide fully trained operatives covering red carpet events, festivals, discreet ‘close protection’ for individuals, and many other services.

We are highly skilled in de-escalating situations, which leads to fewer incidents and people interacting with our team are more likely to cooperate amenably. We ensure that the public, the crew, and the client feel reassured: we provide minimal disruption and maximum safety for any type of event or production.