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Comprehensive traffic management for all sectors of Film and Event work.

We act as the link between the creative process and security; ensuring that road filming is carried out safely, following the guidelines of the highway code.

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We provide comprehensive traffic management packages for all sectors of Film and Event work.

We are trained with years of experience in the film sector, and will carry out the safe implementation, maintenance and removal of Traffic Management schemes. Check our Film Security page to find out how we can help, in providing film security.

We offer cost effective solutions while keeping the shoot safe and our supervisors will work efficiently to ensure communication channels are open.

Traffic Management FAQs

Why do we need traffic management ?

When filming next to or on a public highway, it is a legal requirement to have control of the road. This will involve applying to the council/borough and highways for permission to film at the desired location. If this operation is not carried out with the correct paperwork, qualified personnel and signage and there is an incident then the producers/1st AD are liable for prosecution.

Pick a reputable traffic management company.

Ensure you contract a qualified and fully insured company, they are trained and have the relevant qualifications to carry out the work safely.

What type of traffic management do I need ?

Have a site meeting with one of our experienced Traffic Management supervisors who will advise you on if you need a road closure or TTO (temporary traffic order) based on the action in front of the camera.

How long will a Traffic application take ?

Depending on which borough or council you are due to film in, a closure can take up to as much as 12 weeks and a TTO up to 6 weeks. Generally its less than this and one of the earliest considerations should be Traffic Management to get the ball rolling for applications.

Any pre-signage needed ?

Yes, on closures. Usually 7 – 10 days before the closure it is necessary to erect advanced warning signs stating the dates and times of the works to inform the pubic and road users of possible future disruptions. TTO’s do not require advanced signs.

How long will the signage and operatives be expected to set up to control the road ?

Depending on how many control points and how many signs are needed to be, ask the supervisor before the works start and ensure they are early enough to put all the signage and operatives in position.

Will we need to divert the traffic ?

Only on a closure of a street will it be necessary to divert traffic on an alternative route with the use of arrow diversion signs.

Do the traffic operatives need to wear full high visibility uniform ?

Yes, its a legal requirement and safer as it makes them more visible to road users.