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Truly Professional Retail Security

Blink secure is a trusted name in providing professional Retail Security Services in London.

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We are committed to continually improve the contents and quality of our service to retail security.

We pride ourselves in providing a full range of Security Management Services and committed to continually improve the contents and quality of our service to retail security.

Our trained  security guards will help deter theft, vandalism, shop lifting and internal-theft and will apprehend criminals by using the S.C.O.N.E. procedure.

We will work in partnership with you to Improve loss revenue and build a team around your security requirement.

Our retail security guards, and plain clothes store detectives can be used to conduct surveillance on specific customers, employees or locations.

They will document all activities that occur in order to help identify criminal activity or customer service issues.

The detectives can act like employees or customers and identify criminal activity and monitor CCTV cameras.

Our security guards are fully trained on arrest procedures and work to recover losses that the retailer has sustained due to criminal activities, whilst remaining professional always.

Each retail security contract may vary in size and nature but we are dedicated in providing the same quality and consistency to all our clients and customers.

Following are our area of expertise:

– Boutiques
– Clothing Stores
– Health Stores
– Make-Up Stores
– Shopping Centres
– Shop Fit-Outs
– Book Shops
– Branch Openings
– Exclusive In-store Events
– Car Show Rooms
– Retail Warehouses
– Pharmacies

overall objective is to:

– Maximise the recovery of compensation on behalf of the retailer
– Reduce unnecessary shrinkages within the store
– Deter individuals from committing acts of theft or fraud
– Evidence gathering to ensure incidents are documented
– Our retail security guards share these values with G3 Security and are available to assist you with your retail security requirement.